Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I am a lifestyle photographer with a particular love for weddings. I love editorial, fashion photography, but I am also enamoured with in-the-moment images... so I try to combine them both! I'm a true sentimental, and am slightly obsessed with capturing fleeting moments before they pass us by into the ether of the universe! I hope the images we make will always connect you to those moments, what you felt then, and the love shared in those times gone by.  

I frequently travel between London, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore (I donate to plant trees to offset the ol' carbon footprint); I love exploring new places and meeting new faces, so please reach out wherever in the world you might be! Feel free to click through the links above for examples of my work and hit the button below if you have any questions! Congratulations on the love you have in your life, and I look forward to speaking soon.

Josephine xx