Yarn it, that's cool.

In a corner of the beautiful Sugarhouse Studios, possibly the most heavily Instagrammed facade in the world, sits the studio of Waffle Design. Chiara, chief creative mind of the business, had decided that textiles should be, well, tactile, and that they should be fun and colourful at the same time. So she created a range of fabrics, accessories, rugs, in her signature waffle texture, with brightly toned strings of yarn running through the weave.

We got to try our hands at the 'embroidery' technique (basically, it requires a lot of patience and coordination - not my key skill set...), whilst nibbling on popcorn. I have to say, the bowls of fluffy and colourful yarn balls reminded me so much of fairy floss that I had to tell myself they were not for consumption!

When I next move (which is hopefully soon!!!), I am going to try and get my hands on some of those beautiful blue/pink ombre rugs. Really like the simplicity of the Waffle Design concept and the clean lines and pops of colour... I'll let you know if I get my hands on any!


Images: Courage & Dash