Safe and sound.

It has been a crazy past 10 days for the world. There has been so much hatred and fear and misplaced anger... Sometimes it makes me want to hide under the covers and bury myself away from everything outside.

I was having a quiet, reflective Saturday, and I really wanted to grab all my things and move to the desert and be an ascetic of some sort. Maybe join a commune? Or start one. Defectors from the human race unite. Of course, that's not really a long-term solution... or even a short-term one. It's simply not an option. I know that what is needed is for me to get out there and make sure I am the kindest version of myself as much as is possible (caveat: if I'm having a bad day, then sorry in advance, world, for being grumpy).

Meanwhile, though, we are so lucky to be in a country where human rights and democracy are upheld. That I can sit in my room with the windows and curtains open, and not feel unsafe/threatened is a blessing and a treat in itself. I was so glad to be able to laze around with my iPad and magazine (oh also, that I am a woman and can read and write and use technology also makes me incredibly lucky!), and daydream and make plans - not everyone can. So this week, I am going to try and stay in a grateful frame of mind - no moaning, simply channeling any angst towards being thankful for what I have. I've heard that can do wonders for increasing happiness levels! I will tell you how that goes :)

Egyptian cotton bed linen, bedspread, and linen monogrammed nightshirt courtesy of Soak & Sleep.


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